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Our team is responsible for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, in the form of food, clothing, medicines, household appliances, protective gear. We accept applications in the form of a letter of appeal. We process them, sort them by priority, then find suppliers who are ready to either sell or provide goods for free, provide logistics, collect goods in a warehouse, sort and deliver them to Ukraine to a specific place to a specific person who made an application, we receive confirmation of receipt from him in the form of a video or photo report. We are doing everything possible in our power to help people in need and to save someone's life.

Humanitarian aid

It is vital to onboard new people who are willing to help and want to contribute with their time, efforts and skills. Besides, matching part is nevertheless important in order to make sure that right people are in the right place.

Medical aid

Networking events help us to spread awareness, as well as communicate to wider audience regards our current needs and where people can contribute the most. 

Protective gear

Also, we keep on the pulse internal team collaboration - our goal is to make sure that all working streams can find synergy across and collaborate easily among each other.