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The team works on improvement and facilitation of internal working flows and communication inside the Coordination Center. We also conduct an onboarding process for new volunteers and create support groups by the needs of PU. We organize networking events, training, team meetings and develop external relations with our partners to maximize our efforts. Our main task is to match the requests for support with the help offers we receive.

Onboarding and matching process

It is vital to onboard new people who are willing to help and want to contribute with their time, efforts and skills. Besides, matching part is nevertheless important in order to make sure that right people are in the right place.

Networking events

Networking events help us to spread awareness, as well as communicate to wider audience regards our current needs and where people can contribute the most. 

Internal team coordination

Also, we keep on the pulse internal team collaboration - our goal is to make sure that all working streams can find synergy across and collaborate easily among each other.

Liza Bezvershenko
Liza Bezvershenko
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