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We are looking for

We need volunteers who will help us with the work at Promote Ukraine Hub and have special skills for certain tasks

Budgeting support

Translating the narrative part into budget categories and designing budgets for grant proposals (sponsors when relevant)

HR Specialist

We are looking for an HR Specialist to join our team and monitor all Human Resources functions.

Media support

Are you looking for ways to help Ukraine with your creative writing skills?
Do you enjoy learning about charity projects and initiatives and understand how to present the results to the public?


Promote Ukraine is looking for a volunteer to reinforce its media and communication team. Ahead of every protest or event in support of Ukraine, there is also work to engage Belgian and EU media in order to keep Ukraine-related causes in focus. For this, we need your help!


- забирати та відправляти гуманітарні вантажі по Бенілюксу...

Grant writing support

Designing concept notes for grant-giving organisations (for sponsors when relevant)

HR Support

HR support is the person responsible for the day-to-day administrative and HR duties of an organization.

Personal protective equipment manager

- ведення бази даних та створення репортів...

Адміністатори реcепшину

Не вистачає рук для організації процесу, тому шукаємо двох адміністраторів-ресепшіоністів!

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Are you interested?

If you want to join our team to run some initiatives, feel free to fill the form below

Spontaneous application

If you did not find the right opportunity, feel free to apply via form below, we will try to find something for you:)

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