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About us

Here you can view the history of the Promote Ukraine team and its members, which members are responsible for a certain working group

Our history

Since 2014 Promote Ukraine aimed at being established as a hub for coordination and collaboration between volunteers and civil society organisations  in benefit of democratic and sovereign Ukraine.


In March 2022 in response to the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola offered the space of the European Parliament building Station Europe to the volunteers of the organization Promote Ukraine.

It is also supported by the President of the European Economic and Social Committe Christa Schweng who provided the room for Ukrainian Hub at the premises of the Committee.

We are very grateful to President Metsola and President Schweng for support of Ukrainian activism and their trust in our cause.  


Promote Ukraine stays firmly behind the idea of Ukrainian Hub in the heart of the European Union. Therefore, volunteers of PU created the website which functions independently from any physical locations and should become the centre for cooperation between the pro-Ukraine activists in long run.

On you can explore who we are and what we do. If you feel compelled, if you know we can be helpful to each other, reach out: we are open to cooperation.  



  • Registration – 9 May 2014.

  • Manneken Pis – first mass event of PU

  • Charity events

Fighting disinformation

  • Dutch referendum.

  • Business Seminars

  • Disinfo Review of EEAS

  • Children for peace – hosting children from Volnovakha in Belgium


Culture, Advocacy & Trainings


  • Oksana Bulda and Anna Melenchuk join PU / Women in Politics

  • Cultural events, Ukrainian-Italian & Ukrainian-Georgian afterworks

  • Charity events

Covid, EU & UA

Promote Ukraine initiated a flashmob #Stoprussianbrutality which was supported by Ukrainian Embassies, Ukrainian MPs, members Of The European Parliament, journalists, and experts.


Full Scale Russian Invasion


  • #StandwithUkraine Manifestation

  • Solidary with Ukraine Manifestation

  • Changed pro-Russian narratives into pro Ukrainian ones (University Gent, Lukoil Leuven)

  • Collected more than 200 000EUR and supported Ukraine with this donations

Continuation of the struggle

  • Ukraine Leads 2023

  • Supported by Partenamut, Microsoft, King Boudoin Foundation

  • We became recognizable in the European quarter (media, politicians, decision-makers)


Board of Directors


Tetiana Vlizko



Vasyl Kushmuns

Acting President


Lyubov Karpachova


Partnership and Fundraising

The Partnership and Fundraising team raises funds and secures contributions for our initiatives supporting Ukraine.

We create donation opportunities, forge partnerships with sponsors, and participate in fundraising events. We also maintain a strong focus on grant programs. Our key drivers are efficient processes, clear communication, and transparent reporting.


Yehor Pyvovarov

Partnership and Fundraising Lead



The team works on sustaining SMM channels, spreading awareness about our events,  and gained achievements.

The Media team builds relationships with key stakeholders across traditional and online media channels. We write press releases, guide journalists to experts, organize press conferences, and track media coverage about Ukraine in the EU and Belgian press. Our goal is to ensure media presence to share our activities and spread awareness. Additionally, we publish press releases on topics related to Ukraine, the EU, and global activities.


Yana Brovdiy

Media and
Communications Lead


Vasyl Kushmuns

Production Media Lead



The team works on sustaining SMM channels, spreading awareness about our events,  and gained achievements.

The Social Media team manages multiple platforms, spreading awareness about our protests and events, and reporting on meetings and achievements. We communicate with followers directly on Facebook and Instagram, reach out to media, and take pictures of events and protests.


Kateryna Tytarenko

SMM Lead



Our team is responsible for the delivery of aid to Ukraine, in the form of food, clothing, medicines, and protective gear.

Our team delivers humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including food, clothing, medicines, household appliances, and protective gear. We accept and process applications, prioritize them, and find suppliers to provide goods. We handle logistics, collect and sort items in a warehouse, and deliver them to specific recipients in Ukraine. We receive confirmation of receipt through video or photo reports. We strive to help those in need and save lives.


Vasyl Kushmuns

Humanitarian Aid Lead


Focus on advocacy by organizing meetings and events to promote Ukraine's interests.

The Advocacy team focuses on working with EU and NATO institutions, organizing meetings and events in Brussels to promote Ukraine's interests. We coordinate closely with Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mission to NATO, civil society organizations, and think tanks. Onboarding new volunteers and ensuring the right people are in the right roles is essential.


Liza Bezvershenko

Adcocacy Lead


Olena Kuzhym

Adcocacy Lead


Manifestations and Demonstrations

The team is responsible for manifestations, including obtaining permissions from the police and communicating with authorities.

The team arranges manifestations, obtaining official permissions and communicating with authorities. We prepare people for interviews, provide media support, develop key messages, create materials, and track political and economic developments to respond promptly. We organize events from large marches to local gatherings to raise awareness about EU and Ukraine topics.
Networking events help us spread awareness and communicate our needs, showing where contributions are most needed.


Olena Kuzhym

Demonstrations and Manifestations Lead

manifestations and demonstrations

Culture, Sport and Youth

The Culture, Sport, and Youth department at Promote Ukraine organizes cultural events, sports activities, and youth programs to promote heritage and empower young people.

We facilitate cultural exchanges, raise awareness, and host fundraising events to support Ukraine. Engaging the community and collaborating with other organizations, they advocate for Ukraine's needs. Their initiatives strengthen international support for Ukraine. Join us to make a difference.


Lyubov Karpachova

Culture, Sport and Youth Lead

culture, sport and youth

IT & Digital Solutions

The team is responsible for developing and maintaining digital platforms that support our initiatives.

We create and manage websites, and digital tools to facilitate communication, donation processing, and event organization. Our IT experts ensure data security and smooth operation of all digital systems, while also providing technical support for online events and virtual meetings. We collaborate closely with other teams to enhance our online presence and engage a wider audience through innovative digital solutions.


Bohdan Yeromenko

IT &
Digital Solutions Lead


Financial Department

Manage all financial aspects of our organization, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.

We oversee the allocation of funds, ensure compliance with financial regulations, and maintain transparency in all financial transactions. Our team handles grant applications, donor relations, and fundraising campaigns, ensuring that all contributions are effectively utilized to support our initiatives. We also provide financial support and guidance to other teams to optimize resource use and achieve our mission efficiently.


Tetiana Vlizko

Financial Department Lead


Marta Levytska

Financial Department Lead

financial department

HR Department

HR Department is responsible for managing recruitment, onboarding, and staff development.

We ensure that the organization attracts and retains talented individuals who are passionate about our mission. Our team handles employee relations, performance management, and professional development programs. We also oversee volunteer coordination and ensure that all team members are supported and motivated.


Marta Beska

HR Department Lead

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