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Activities of Promote Ukraine in the field of advocacy, assistance to refugees in Belgium, Ukrainians and defence personnel in Ukraine, and news of events held by Promote Ukraine

For personal equipment

Promote Ukraine starts a fundraiser for a 22 years old Hanna Samotoy...

Fundraising & Donations

June 11, 2024

Debunking false narratives about Ukraine and Russia's war against it

Russian propaganda disseminates a lot of narratives about Ukraine that are favourable to it and portray...


June 3, 2024

Veterans' visit to NATO

On May 28, Ukrainian veterans held a series of significant meetings at NATO, contributing to our joint efforts to support Ukraine...

Coop with European Institution

May 28, 2024

Open Letter to the G7 Leaders

Hold Russia accountable by confiscating Russian state assets to support Ukraine's reconstruction and defence


June 8, 2024

Veterans' visit to the European Parlament

As a part of the visit to Brussels, veterans visited the European Parliament...

Coop with European Institution

May 31, 2024


2 years of torture, physical and psychological violence.
2 years of hope to return home.


May 21, 2024

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